If only people could be cute, like bears…

Go to the link below and follow the mixed-media presentation.

It will take you about five minutes to go through it. There are pictures and video—not too much reading.

You won’t like it, but after you’re finished you might be a little less concerned about those two bears.

The plight of the migrants escaping to Europe has become one of the most appalling humanitarian disasters in history. Untold thousands have died, and unscrupulous smugglers are planning for thousands more to suffer the same fate. Of course if you follow Donald Trump’s assessment of such people—they’re all rapists and murderers anyway—then I wouldn’t expect you to care much. You should continue to lament the bears. They’re cuter. From a distance.

But if you want to help in some way, there are relief organizations that are trying to address the worsening problem. One of them is Médecins Sans Frontières (“Doctors without Borders” in English).


MSF has been involved in several rescues and has saved many hundreds of lives. Other relief organizations are helping also, but examine every charity’s history before you send off a check to one of them: unscrupulousness is not limited to smugglers.

Maybe you didn’t see the picture of the Turkish soldier carrying the lifeless body of a three-year-old Syrian child who, with his five-year-old brother, was found face down in the sand. The three-year-old’s name was Aylan. His brother’s; Galip. Nobody knows how many other children have suffered the same fate. If you did see that picture, nothing further needs to be said.

And as awful as this is, it’s only half of the problem. The migrants who do reach Europe encounter a whole new series of difficulties.

So if you’re still angry or obsessed about the euthanising of those bears, I understand. They’re cute. Now give yourself one more day to mourn and recover—just one. Then maybe view that presentation again. You still won’t like it, but you’re not supposed to.

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