Boehner, Obama, and Respect

I’ve decided to unfollow Occupy Democrats.

I realize that unfollow is a word that exists only in the artificial world of social media, but until unfollow with extreme prejudice or some other nonce word becomes an option, I’ll live with unfollow. I also know that one apostate like me isn’t going to shut anybody down—Occupy Democrats will plow ahead—so I’m doing this only to make myself feel better.

This non-earthshaking decision is primarily the result of online comments on OD concerning John Boehner’s resignation. I’ve already stated that he may turn out to be one of the worst House Speakers in history, but regardless of his record, and regardless of how much I disagree with just over 100% of everything he says, he has devoted (by my reckoning) about sixty percent of his life to public service. He deserves better than comments like this:

He’s a pickled nose red faced drunk, this boehner guy. Hopefully he shoots himself.

and this dictionary-deprived observer’s “intelligent” assessment:

lmao good riddens.

and finally

One jerk down, one insane party to send to hell, go!!! (Apparently the three exclamation points mean that it’s true.)

I understand that the Internet is riddled with idiots, and that I may be one of them in some people’s opinion, but there ought to be some ground rules—the very least of which is that you don’t vanquish a vanquished opponent.

Look, a lifetime of public service has to count for something, and Internet snipers who have probably never devoted a moment to the well being of others haven’t earned the right to besmirch the good name of anyone, even someone whose politics antagonize them. Boehner’s party is wrong about immigration, about Planned Parenthood, about gay marriage, about school vouchers, about climate change—the list gets longer every day. The answer? Vote these people out of office or don’t vote them in. Name-calling doesn’t really accomplish much.

Boehner’s gone—you can be happy with that. Someone even more willing to kow-tow to the tea party may replace him—be ready. But if you’re one of those who lament the ongoing disrespect for President Obama, you can’t then turn around and be just as disrespectful, abusive, and vulgar to someone who has tried to be of service to his country. It’s not a fee-speech issue: we can all say what we want. But why would we waste our collective breath on distasteful and crude sniping that can do no one any good?

One Reply to “Boehner, Obama, and Respect”

  1. Well said. I have stopped following several blogs because of the proliferation of trolls we add nothing to the conversation except name calling. And the failure of bloggers to moderate offensive comments is itself offensive. If this keeps up may have much more free time.

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