This is our last dance…

Just a short blog entry on a sad day…

Crazy, and scary, to consider that Freddie Mercury died twenty-five years ago. I only mention that because, though I know most people will not remember David Bowie so much for his collaboration with Queen and Freddie Mercury, Under Pressure, I certainly will. It was my favorite song—maybe one of my top ten of all time.

I suppose the lyrics become more poignant as age enters into the equation, but on its own merits, Under Pressure is a singularly wonderful piece of music. So is the story of its rather casual (and possibly drunken, according to Queen’s Roger Taylor) genesis. You can look up the story and decide whether or not it’s apocryphal.

Of course when I heard of David Bowie’s death, the first thing I did was search for that original MTV video, one which comprised scenes from early twentieth-century films. While I was at it, I found this from nearly twenty years ago:

Notice that David Bowie has no difficulty sharing, even relinquishing the spotlight, and notice also how earnest he seems at the end. When he asks why can’t we give love one more chance, how can we not accept the challenge?

This is for all of us our last dance—David Bowie knew that, and he got all the steps right.

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