Free Reading…

…if you win.

Goodreads holds giveaway contests which readers can enter and, if they win, receive a signed copy of the book of their choice. Dark Time is on there now, and Absolute Truth will be shortly.

The following link should take you to the site. If it doesn’t, or you have any difficulty, let me know.

Anybody else who wants to purchase a signed book without entering the giveaway can simply email me——and I’ll let you know how to go about it. (If you don’t want me to sign it, I have a list of famous authors whose names I can insert instead, some of whom are still alive.)

Finally, if you aren’t currently a Goodreads member, this might be a good time to join. It’s free.

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Chuck Radda

I'm a former high school English teacher, currently a literacy volunteer and novelist. I invite your responses right here or to You can also follow me on Facebook and on Twitter—where I tweet annually at @chuckrad45.

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