Unelectable? No Such Thing.

He has been described as pugnacious, hot-headed, and occasionally vulgar.

He has told a state chapter of the NAACP to kiss his butt.

He has warned schoolchildren against reading the newspaper.

He promised to cut taxes by curtailing welfare services for the poor…and did.

He eviscerated environmental and labor regulations.

He refused to expand Medicaid.

He removed a labor mural from a state building because it was “unfair to corporations.”

He repealed laws restricting big-box stores and mining.

He denies climate change.

When a newspaper cartoon painted him in a non-flattering light, he promised to shoot the cartoonist.

And on…and on…

Let’s eliminate the mystery—that litany of horrors does not belong to Donald J. Trump. It belongs instead to Paul LePage, Maine’s Republican governor, considered in most circles the worst governor in the nation; in others an embarrassment to the state, and as the Daily Beast calls it: “The Idiot Thug Running Maine.”*

Why should you care? Because if you thought that list above referred to Trump, then we have a problem. And if you think Trump is unelectable, let me disabuse you of that idea. Paul LePage won re-election in 2014. He won because of bears. No, they didn’t vote, but on the ballot in 2014 was a question as to whether or not said bears could be baited with donuts and then trapped. (God, do I wish I was making this up.) The outdoorsmen and tea party diehards voted in huge numbers, and with three candidates splitting the votes and the unpopularity of the President and the fact that the bungling Maine democrats had no cohesive platform, LePage won. The bears’ loss was…well…Maine’s loss.

When I think of Maine I see a vast and unspoiled vacation area with a rocky and picturesque seacoast dotted with beautiful little towns like Camden, Castine, Bar Harbor. But there’s another Maine and Paul LePage is its governor.

When I think of America I see a vast and often-beautiful country with the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone, the Loop, the Golden Gate. But there’s another America, and if we’re not careful, Donald Trump will be its president…and ours.

That’s why you should care.


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