Misplaced Joy

There’s a lot of happiness in America today—The Trumpwagen axles have begun to shed the wheels and the Teflon is beginning to wear. (It’s mixed-metaphor day. Enjoy!)

But before you go ordering a celebratory cake or take to the streets for an impromptu block party, let me repeat something I quoted last December from a  worker on the Bush campaign in 2000:

Why do people take such an instant dislike to Ted Cruz? It just saves time.

Nobody has achieved his level of success yet been so universally despised by his own colleagues and his own party as Ted Cruz. The word “creepy” doesn’t work its way into too many political campaigns, but it seems right at home with Ted Cruz. We’ve had incompetent presidents. immoral presidents, uneducated, ill-prepared, even malfeasant presidents, but creepy? You’d have to go all the way back to George Wallace in 1968 whose lasting legacy centers on his attempt to block desegregation of Alabama schools. He later recanted that opinion and denounced segregation, but he was creepy for a good long time.

Ted Cruz luxuriates in his creepiness. If elected he would

  1. Relax the “oppressive gun laws” by blocking background checks at gun shows.
  2. Ignore the Supreme Court gay marriage decision and leave it up to the states to decide. I stand with Kim Davis, he said, calling her a good Christian woman and ignoring the fact that she was also a law-breaker.
  3. Fight to defund the Affordable Care Act, working in league with the extra-creepy Heritage Foundation.
  4. Oppose climate change activities because, as he said, satellite data demonstrate that there has been no significant warming whatsoever for 17 years. (Of course many thermometers and endangered species tell a different story.)
  5. Carpet-bomb Syria, void the Iran accord, re-unopen Cuba.
  6. Eliminate the Department of Education and promote school choice.

There’s more, but you get the point. Ted Cruz is the answer to no one’s dreams, at least no one who wants to see America move forward, become safer, educate all children, and not ultimately drown in sea water.

A Trump presidency would be laughable but dangerous, what with nuclear weapons not off his table and most world leaders with whom he would interact probably ready to use them on us. But Cruz’s policies, less laughable but more insidious, would doom the country to four years of falling behind the rest of the world—the world that keeps moving forward. That Cruz victory in Wisconsin does nothing for me: even in the world of Trump, Anyone but Cruz still rings true.


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