Oh BTW, don’t mingle linen and wool. And no white before Memorial Day. Leviticus.

Don’t know if you’ve been to the Army of God website lately, but every once in a while it’s good to get a little muddy if for no other reason than to verify what you already know: the Islam that has been corrupted by murderers is eerily similar to the Christianity that has been corrupted by similar thugs.

You won’t hear the presumptive Republican candidate say this for two reasons: first, he doesn’t want to alienate any possible thug voters; and second, he doesn’t know what eerily means. But the Army of God (they’re not really an Army—they’re not really endorsed by God) places a premium on the murder of any doctor who performs abortions. Their heroes are people like Scott Roeder. Mr. Roeder is currently serving what the law refers to as a “hard fifty”—that’s fifty years without the possibility of parole. Yet on the Army of God website (again, no army, no supreme endorsement) you can learn how to write to Mr. Roeder and express your support for his interpretation of Christianity. (If you want a reply, include a postal address. Then you might need a shower.)

It’s a shame, however, you cannot write or otherwise communicate with Paul Hill, another AoG hero. He won’t be answering your mail, or anyone else’s, due to the harmful and enduring effects of a lethal injection administered a while back.

The Army of God website also includes something they indecorously call Homo News. Most of it consists of references to Leviticus 20:23 and complaints about LGBT individuals somehow being allowed to exist in the world despite God’s intense hatred of them. Well, not really hatred—more of an aversion. No, not that either, since God didn’t say it. In fact Lev. 20:23 is just one of 600 little “rules” people like Leviticus dreamed up to satisfy their own whims and prejudices. Others include no gathering of sticks on the Sabbath, no wearing ripped jeans, no sowing cucumber seeds in your tomato garden. That wacky Leviticus—how much free time did he have?


Maybe that’s why God whittled down the list to ten. God probably enjoyed a cucumber in his salad. Maybe his son had some LGBT friends. Neither of them (and let’s add the Holy Ghost) condoned murder.

Islam. Christianity. Judaism. You name it. They can all be corrupted by a depraved individual who can always, it seems, find more depraved individuals to follow him. (Now some will say this a false equivalency, but I disagree and this my blog.) The so-called Army of God, the Westboro Baptist Church, The Lord’s Resistance Army—all have perverted Christianity in exactly the same way that ISIS leaders have perverted Islam. And the subsequent crimes engendered have less to do with a person’s national origin or faith than they do with bigotry and hatred. So despite what presumptive presidential buffoons might claim, curtailing immigration will not put an end to the narrow-mindedness that spawns acts like the recent tragedy in Orlando. And as long as deranged individuals like Omar Mateen continue to pervert their own religion, and Christian fundamentalists like the Army of God tacitly support them, maybe instead of a wall we should consider an emigration policy.

2 Replies to “Oh BTW, don’t mingle linen and wool. And no white before Memorial Day. Leviticus.”

  1. As I noted on my Facebook page: People who call themselves “pastors” or “preachers” and heads of religion-based organizations, many of them so-called-christians are, at this moment, calling for executing gays and lesbians. They are rampant on the internet. Nut-jobs? Maybe. But there are people who take them seriously.
    And even the “nice” Catholics and Lutherans and Episcopalians, and Presbyterians, and AMEZionists, and Evangelicals, and Seventh Day Adventists and Mormons and Greek Orthodox and so many other “nice” christian denominations that are not calling for outright execution have contributed to a culture of name-calling and judgement and moral condemnation aimed at the LGBT community.

  2. And that’s the culture that will break down very slowly. On the bright side—and not to sound flip—but Deanie and I went to the revamped Wadsworth yesterday and the bathroom (at least the one we used) was non-gender, non-handicap specific. Just a nice big room—a simple and elegant “solution” to a non-problem…though it was low on soap.

    Baby steps. Baby steps.

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