The double-decker bus is safe.

Let me say this first.

The same attitude that swept Germany in the 1930s is sweeping the Western world again. The same scapegoating and fear-mongering that eventually killed upwards of thirty million European citizens has returned, and we ignore this at our own peril.

Yesterday’s vote by Great Britain to remove itself from the European Union is the first official, politically sanctioned proof of this reversion, for one does not need to be an expert in European history to know the issue upon which this decision turned: immigration.

(You could say Hungary’s barbed-wire fence predated yesterday’s anti-immigration vote, but this decision by British voters is far more telling.)

Anti-EU leaders in England have spent the last year ginning up hatred for the immigrants who they claim have cost native Brits their jobs and sullied English purity. They couched it in terms like national pride, but everyone knew what it was. There is of course irony in the fact that it will take at least two years for this exit from Europe to occur—and in that time the world may change drastically and render this recent vote absurd—but today the new British attitude is there for all to see.

And it’s here too.

If you don’t recognize this as an endorsement for the kind of world sociopath Trump wishes to create, then you don’t watch the news. The same anti-immigrant hysteria that convinced a civilized country like England to try to make itself great again hovers over us every time the sociopath opens his mouth.

But here’s the worst part—if you need worse: I watched the BBC news last night at 6:00, and the consensus was that the vote would result in a close victory for those who wished to remain in the EU. That consensus was wrong. In this country the experts predict a victory for Hillary Clinton over sociopath Trump, but as he keeps feeding the blaze of anti-immigrant feeling—and as his followers revel in the glory of yesterday’s cowardly Supreme Court decision—it’s time to stop saying “it can’t happen here.”

In recent months a rumor was spread by the anti-EU faction, claiming that the double-decker bus—cherished emblem of London—would soon be outlawed by EU vote. The allegation was laughable in its inanity, but people bought it, funneling all their love of country, queen, and heritage into the double-decker bus…kinda like what we do with gun ownership.

England is more than double-decker buses, or was.

America is more than guns, or should be.

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