There would be delicious irony in the fact that a Muslim family has driven a wedge between Donald Trump and every human with an iota of humanity, but the truth of it still remains: Khizr and Ghazala Khan lost their son Humayunin in a wartime act of valor, and neither Donald Trump nor his underlings are in any way moved by that fact.

I realize that resorting to name-calling is exactly what I keep railing against, but a few weeks back I said I would, from that point on, refer to Trump only as “the sociopath.” It wasn’t name-calling. Any working definition of the word states that sociopaths lack empathy, and now we have written proof (well, tweeted proof: Trump can’t actually write) that he has no appreciation for the suffering of others. And in a complete perversion of empathy, he underscores his own suffering—all that he has endured in his life—and compares it to the loss of a child. He has been exhorting his minions to lock Hillary up, but in fact he needs to be institutionalized. That is neither hyperbole, vindictiveness, nor a lame attempt at humor: people like him present a danger to everyone around them; and these days when advancements in mental health occur daily, he might still be able to receive the help he needs and lead a rich and fulfilling life out of the public eye. And far away.

There will come a tipping point—there will come a day when even his most blindly ardent supporters will rethink their support; but for the racists and bigots who, when Trump attacks a Muslim family—any Muslim family—find him even more appealing, that tipping point is nowhere in sight. What can be done?

If I might make a modest proposal….

During the Civil War Abraham Lincoln famously suspended habeas corpus because of unprecedented threats to the Union. I hereby call upon President Obama to do the same—to declare that Donald Trump and his continuing incitement of certain groups of Americans to rise up and subjugate other groups—and by any means necessary—presents a clear and present danger to the safety of the nation, and that said danger can be mitigated only by the seizure and arrest of Donald Trump. (Notice I said I hereby call upon…. using hereby makes it official.)

And for Barack Obama, who has publicly stated a lack of concern for what his legacy might be, this would be one way to make sure we’ll remember him whether he wants us to or not.

I’m not much of a Twitter person, and I still confuse hashtags with hashbrowns, but it seems a Twitter campaign to reclaim Trump’s addled brain might be in order. I’ll begin: @.

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