Mexicans, Muslims, women, and you. Yes you.

We’ve all been playing fast and loose with terms like Nazi and fascist and racist and the like since the Trump candidacy began, and we don’t seem to have any problems linking him to Hitler and other megalomaniacal dictators.

Can we just stop for a moment and look at Trump’s followers? The video below appeared on the N. Y. Times website this morning, and you may want to keep your children out of the room while you watch it, and if you’re at work, use those earbuds. If you are at work, I feel bad for you—you won’t be able to shower after, though you may want to.

It’s important to see what America will look like—what will be considered the norm—under a Trump presidency. Every bigot, racist, and societal misfit will not only have his Constitutional say but receive support from the highest levels of government. As I said earlier, we play fast and loose with some pretty provocative terms, but anyone who has ever seen news film from 1930s Nazi Germany will have no difficulty connecting the dots. And don’t kid yourself: mixed in with the Mexicans and Muslims as objects of hatred at those Trump rallies are women, minorities, and plenty of other races, religions, ethnicities, and sexual persuasions. Instead of saying “Dump Trump” you should be shouting “I’m next.”

Say it loud, and say it louder if you’re one of these people for whom Hillary Clinton is not pristine enough to earn your vote. Yes, you have bought the pervasive Fox News-Republican rhetoric: Hillary is an evil person who doesn’t come up to your high standards. You want perfection in your president, but you’re not going to get it—not in his election, not in any election. We are imperfect creatures, all of us, and so are our leaders; but if in this quixotic search for the ideal you waste your vote on a third-party candidate and open the door even a crack for a sociopath like Donald Trump and his barbaric rabble to run this country, then that’s on you. Like Gary Johnson? Smitten by Jill Stein? Lovely—send them a birthday card. (If they’re the ideal, why don’t they recognize the threat and withdraw?) But before you decide, watch that video again, and try to envision the young man “assailing” political correctness as a person whose opinion suddenly means something—a person with a sympathetic ear in the White House.

“You’re next”—it isn’t that far-fetched, is it?

4 Replies to “Mexicans, Muslims, women, and you. Yes you.”

  1. “Then they came for me-and there was no one left to speak for me.’ Pastor Niemoller He was imperfect as well, but his sentiments in this poem are relevant today.

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