@lockhimuplockhimup, part II

I keep thinking about this video:


I wrote about it last week, adding that Trump’s supporters are more dangerous than he is. Let me clarify: I know at least one Trump supporter, a professional and an avowed Christian, who would blanch at the behavior depicted in that video and who would decry the vulgarity and crudeness as strongly as any of us. He may in fact represent many Trump supporters, so my apologies to those who are not wild-eyed madmen but who support the sociopath anyway. (I guess that was a weak apology; alas, it’s the only one I have.)

But proceed about thirty-five seconds into that video and locate the young American wearing the blue Trump 16 jersey. He’s not hard to pick out—you’ve seen him in virtually every movie depicting life in an asylum. Now imagine him listening to Mr. Trump vaguely hint that perhaps some ardent supporter of the Second Amendment might be the one to stop Hillary Clinton from rescinding gun rights. How does Blue-Trump-16 respond to that?

Maybe he says “it’s just hyperbole” or laughs it off as “electioneering.” I don’t think those words are part of his vocabulary, but admittedly it’s unfair to judge a man by how many times he grabs his crotch in a ten-second time span. Bladder problem? Chafing? Maybe he needs more medical attention than psychiatric evaluation, but I’d start with the latter.

But assuming he takes the suggestion at face value, and knowing as we do that Trump supporters in general own guns and politic for fewer restrictions, doesn’t it seem more likely that someone like Blue-Trump-16 will take Trump’s words a bit too literally and view political assassination as just another part of the process: if it was good enough for Lincoln, Garfield, McKinley, and Kennedy….

Yesterday wasn’t the first time I feared for the life of Hillary Clinton, Tim Kaine, really anyone who speaks out against this sociopath; but it was the first time that Trump himself openly supported violent overthrow as a viable political measure. I said this before—and I wasn’t joking then—Trump’s defeat in November is not so important to the security of the nation as his immediate arrest. If some wild-eyed survivalist publicly advocated for assassination, he’d be spending a few overnights in the in Coeur d’Alene lockup—not receiving security briefings.

Donald Trump, through word and deed, has earned the same treatment.

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