If you want to scream on the Internet, do it for a good reason

Connecticut senate Republican leader Len Fasano is furious. It seems that two liquor store chains are lowering prices and he thinks it’s brazen and obnoxious. Those are his words—brazen, obnoxious. Meanwhile liquor store Lobbyist Carroll J. Hughes says strong action is needed against Total Wine & More and BevMax, the two large retailers at fault. He says “You can’t have chaos in the liquor industry. This will be Potterville. This will be Las Vegas East.” He also accuses the retailers of not being nice to the legislators(!)


This is why it’s important to read the morning newspaper—everyone needs a good laugh to start the day.

Personally I don’t care that much what happens to liquor prices—there’ll be a lawsuit and the whole archaic system we now have will disappear. The little stores will remain in business just as Cumberland Farms and 7-11 have stood the “test” of Big Y and Stop & Shop. But if you want to scream about something, Mr. Hughes, if all of my readers want to scream today for a good reason, try this: On Sept 2 Brock Turner will be released from jail after serving half of his six-month term for sexual assault. Half. You remember Mr. Turner, don’t you? He’s the former swimmer from Stanford University who raped an unconscious woman, or, as his father so eloquently phrased it, got “twenty minutes of action.” Turner’s the man about whom trial judge Aaron Persky said the following: his life had been poisoned by the event and prison would not be an antidote. He then added (for the idiots among us) “A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him,. I think he will not be a danger to others.”

Thanks, judge, and don’t worry: you’re running unopposed in November.

The Colin Kaepernick-National Anthem story is compelling, as is the killing of the ISIS leader, and the first jetBlue flight to Cuba, and yes, the pricing of liquor in Connecticut. But before we lose our minds over matters like that, we should consider the personal tragedies brought about by creeps like Brock Turner and enablers like Aaron Persky who feel sorry for them.

Okay, ready? Go scream.

Do it here: https://www.facebook.com/BrockForPrison/

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