The best lack all conviction….

A friend mentioned the other day that he had seen several Trump signs on various lawns, but no Clinton signs. I’ve seen very few of either, but what I have seen gives credence to his statement.

To no one’s surprise, I’ll be voting for Clinton, and not just because Donald Trump is a lying ignoramus—though that should be reason enough. Virtually everyone I meet is voting for Clinton also. Now I understand that my circle of friends does not have a large diameter, and I do live in Connecticut, a fairly progressive state; but still, with all those Clinton supporters out there, where are the lawn signs?

No, I don’t have one either. I’ve never been a lawn sign/bumper sticker kind of guy, and I doubt if I’m going to change now. But as for others’ reasoning, there are many who consider a vote for Hillary Clinton nothing more than settling for the lesser of two evils. They’re wrong. They’ve been fed that line by newscasters for so long that they’ve come to believe it—and it has given rise to Trump’s “What do you have to lose?” People need to do some research both on Clinton’s accomplishments and on the spurious right-wing conspiracy—now well into its third decade—to discredit her. (That information will not be available on Fox News.) Then research Trump’s life with the same eye for detail. We have a lot to lose—from individual rights to pride in this country.

Hillary Clinton is more prepared for the presidency than anyone since the first Bush, and maybe since LBJ. We’ve had some reasonably capable presidents in the interim, many of whom have grown into the position, but Trump will not be one of those: a person resistant to and impervious to gathering knowledge and using it can never be more than what he already is.

But those lawn signs—when that friend pointed out their absence, I thought of the Yeats poem, “The Second Coming,” specifically these two lines:


If in fact we do support Clinton but lack the conviction, and if we dismiss the passionate intensity of Trump’s followers, we do both at our own peril. Hillary Clinton is not the lesser of two evils, she is simply the better qualified. No apology is necessary.

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