An open letter to Hillary

A few weeks back in a moment of generosity (that Nigerian thing fell through) I sent ten dollars to your election campaign. Within seconds I had a return email asking for another ten. I ignored it. (Did I mention the Nigerian thing fell through?)

Nor am I sending anymore. Not yet. Not until you begin a campaign for yourself and not against Donald Trump. I want you to do what Michelle Obama did today—make a twenty-minute speech emphasizing the strengths of the party and never mentioning Trump by name. I want the election to be not about the dangers of Donald Trump—his followers know that and don’t care. I want it to be about what you can bring to the table, about what you and the platform stand for.

Trump has the racists in his back pocket where they’re fighting for space with those who refuse to condemn white supremacists, the misogynists, the bigots, the conspiracy nuts, etc. Let those people go—nothing you can say or do will change their minds. In Trump they trust—he is their savior and their salvation. You were criticized recently for calling them the deplorables, but really, aren’t they?

But out there still are millions of voters who aren’t sure, and if you would stop playing defense, you might win some of them. A defensive strategy doesn’t work against a man whose stock and trade is lies and half-truths. Denying them is exhausting and self-defeating. I’m no mathematician, but if a liar calls you liar, don’t the terms cancel themselves out. (As I said, I’m no mathematician,.)

You have been a public servant most of your life. Your opponent has been a public spectacle. The uncertain voters have to know that. If they don’t get it, you have to make them get it instead of making the election about your opponent. You have outspent the guy ten to one but continue to flounder in the polls. That has to stop.

People keep saying that there has never been an election like this. They’re wrong—it’s part of the schtick that your opponent is peddling. The media has been suckered because it translates into ratings, and sloppy journalists have kept the idea going because they’re sloppy journalists; but in truth this is just an election—two people running for president, only one of whom is qualified. You have to make more people understand that.

There’s another ten bucks in it for you if you can.

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