Tuesday’s short takes you may have missed

1. Hillary Clinton was not the first to say it, but Donald Trump is angry that she called him a walking recruiting poster for ISIS. He claims that her accusation is tantamount to treason. Treason? Like asking the Russians to hack her emails or sending verbal valentines to Vladimir Putin? That kind of treason?

2. When Wells Fargo fired 5300 people for bilking the public out of millions of dollars and subsequently agreed to pay back $185 million in fines, Senate Republican leader Paul Ryan didn’t ask why the Wells Fargo CEO still has his job, but instead accused the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (which uncovered the scandal) of overstepping. Thanks for looking out for us, Paul, and tell your party hey.

3. On Wednesday Donald Trump will attend the Midwest Values and Vision Pastors Leadership Conference in Ohio, hosted by Pastor Frank Amedia, among whose accomplishments is having single-handedly stopped a tsunami. Also in attendance will be Michael Cohen, head of Trump’s National Diversity Coalition, whose claim to fame is his contention that spousal rape, by definition, cannot exist. He quotes Corinthians 7:3-5—neither the man nor the woman has authority over his/her body. Perhaps someone could point out to Mr. Cohen that the author of Corinthians and the author of the Constitution are DIFFERENT PEOPLE!

4. Journalist Chuck Todd who I thought years ago was incompetent, but then seemed to become competent, recently told Mike Pence that the Republicans have the high ground when it comes to transparency. Maybe, but only if transparency applies to emails and not to lies, tax returns, and phantom donations. High ground? Come back to us, Chuck.

5. Remember those debunked abortion videos from a few years back, the ones used to slander and eviscerate Planned Parenthood? Fast forward to last week:

The Department of Health and Human Services new rule says that states are forbidden from withholding Title X family planning money for any reason whatsoever “other than a provider’s ability to deliver services to program beneficiaries in an effective manner.”

States that kowtow to the religious right can’t even vote to cut off funds. Obama did that—unilaterally. Gosh, if only he were “strong” like Putin.

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