“I Know Words, I Have The Best Words”

Donald Trump said that last December when he was fumbling for…um…words.

I know words too—how about creepy? Let me use more words to explain.

On September 16 Donald Trump suggested that Hillary Clinton’s bodyguards give up their weapons to “see what happens to her. It will be very dangerous.”

This follows his August statement in North Carolina when he warned that if she [Clinton] gets to pick her judges, “nothing you can do folks. Although the Second Amendment people—maybe there is, I don’t know.”

Not one, but two clear calls for political assassination from the guy who wants to keep America safe.


You can bend and shape those reckless comments any way you want to, but there is no doubt what his goal is, and to the anger- and hate-driven adherents who constitute (it seems) a significant percentage of his followers, it’s a call to arms—an authorization that their choice for President of the United States is pretty much okay with deadly force exercised on one’s opponent. (I guess that old “live by the sword, die by the sword” idea hasn’t registered: it probably wasn’t on Fox News.)

Following the August threat, former CIA Director Michael Hayden said the following:

If someone else had said that…he’d be in the back of a police wagon now, with the Secret Service questioning him.

That rebuke did not prevent Trump from repeating the threat a month later.

Hillary Clinton is not going to eliminate the Second Amendment. She can’t, even though if you polled all Americans the majority would probably favor it. (Of course I’m always leery of the majority who might also want pizza at every meal and a ten-minute workday.) But neither Clinton nor anybody else has that power—as anyone conversant with our system of government would know, and no matter whom she nominates as the ninth Supreme Court justice, the Bill of Rights is safe. Of course legislation from individual states is a different matter, but even then, I can’t see the good people of, for instance, Texas voting to strengthen gun laws, not now that they can carry their favorite weapon to their college literature class.

The day after his request that Clinton’s security relinquish their weapons, Trump crowed about “calling” the bomb attacks in New York and New Jersey. Then, under duress, he tweeted not so much an apology but a phony and disingenuous sympathy card for all the victims. In an instant the call to assassinate his opponent became “old.”

But though the news cycle may have forgotten in order to make room for Trump’s newest disgrace, don’t think for one second that his deplorables have done the same. It’s no stretch to imagine that the same thugs screaming “lock her up” could easily take the next step when provided with the opportunity and the license to exercise their so-called Second Amendment rights.

Yep, for a candidate who wants to keep America safe, he sure is running a creepy campaign.

One Reply to ““I Know Words, I Have The Best Words””

  1. He is, and some people just keep ignoring his hateful, incendiary remarks and think he’s going to invite them to be his buddy, “because they are so much alike.”

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