A short letter from a dumb American

This will be short, Mr. Trump,

In last night’s debate when Hillary Clinton questioned your refusal to divulge your tax return and implied that perhaps you paid no taxes, you interrupted her with this:

“That makes me smart.” (I’m assuming you were using “smart” as an adjective, though it would also work as a verb in that sentence.)

The distance between you and the real world is staggering—and lengthening by the minute.

By my math, if you’re smart, that leaves about 324 million dumb Americans, some of whom you expect to vote for you. And it leaves you as just another freeloader with smart lawyers who know all the tricks and provide you with ample opportunity to live off the labor of others—194 million or so American adults. A lot of them work and pay taxes. I won’t speak for them, but the thought that a single penny of my taxes winds up in the pockets of someone like you is nauseating.

So I won’t be voting for you—that makes ME smart (adjective.)🤗






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