Perhaps he meant “phat?”

In “The Hollow Men” T.S. Eliot suggested that the world would end “not with a bang but a whimper.”

Back then Mr. Eliot could not have been aware of the third choice—the 400-pound hacker plopped on his bed, stealing our secrets, selling them to our enemies, then lying back while we’re all nuked to oblivion.

It’s apparently body mass that provides that computer expertise. If so then beware former Miss Universe, Alicia Machado, or as Trump affectionately calls her, Miss Piggy. Yes, she may not look dangerous now, but tack another couple hundred pounds on her and imagine the kind of harm she’ll do.

To Trump’s credit though, when he insulted Ms. Machado, he was insulting a real person. To dream someone up and then fat-shame him is even more impressive—and depressing. You have our sympathy, make-believe-400-pound hacker, wherever you aren’t.

So let’s total it all up at the end of the week: Trump has lost the Mexican vote, the Latino vote, the minority vote, the college-educated vote, the Muslim vote, he’s insulted women and people who pay their income tax, and—now with about 36% of Americans considered obese and many more struggling with their weight—he runs the risk of losing that block also.

Huzzah and Godspeed, Mr. Trump! (But unless a lot of thin white guys show up on November 8, you may be in trouble.)


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