You’re gonna need a bigger…basket

A bigger boat is always good, but if you’re rounding up deplorables, a basket will do. And depressingly enough, it has to be even bigger than we originally thought.

We tried to do the right thing. Instead of one big basket for all the haters, we set aside room for the xenophobes, saved a place for the misogynists, created a cozy compartment for the racists, and, even built an addition for the homophobes. We thought we were done, but then I read this a few hours ago:

“@Bridget62945958, …published a series of anti-Semitic posts against my colleague Binyamin Appelbaum. One message showed a series of lampshades. Its caption read: “This is your family when Trump wins. Get your Israeli passport ready.”

This was cowardly Twitter anonymity on “Bridget’s” part, but regardless, it appears we’re going to need another addition, maybe build upwards, add a second floor or a loft, because to paraphrase the Bible, Donald Trump’s basket has many rooms—and there’s space for the anti-Semite too.

Now let’s be clear: if you support Trump because you hate Hillary or want change at any cost including the cost of the country you purport to love, so be it. You’re not exactly in the basket, but precariously close. Don’t go away—I have a question for you later.

On the other hand…

  • Did you hate minorities before Trump said it was okay?
  • Did you discriminate against women before Trump said it was okay?
  • Did you think all Mexicans were rapists before Trump said it was okay?
  • Were you right out there denouncing the LGBT community before Trump said it was okay?
  • Did you want a ban on Muslims entering the country before Trump said it was okay?
  • Did you believe global warming was a Chinese conspiracy before Trump said it was okay?

If you answered yes to any one of these—or have a picture of Rudy Giuliani hanging anywhere in your house (yes, even the bathroom) then welcome to the basket and have a nice day.

For the others here’s your question: if you had merely heard of some self-admitted multi-millionaire real estate mogul who was paying no federal income tax, what would your reaction be? Would you smile and say “good for him, he’s smart, allow me to pick up the slack” or would you implore the authorities to—and let me paraphrase again, this time from the Trump rallies—”lock him up.”

Donald Trump has jobbed the system and you and me his entire life. As he likes to say, the system is rigged, but as long as it works to his benefit, he’ll be the last one to want to alter it. Donald Trump as a vehicle for change? Not happening.


















































































































































































































































But it might be, to paraphrase again, this time from Trump rallies, “lock him up!”



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