Sometimes no sign is a sign.

I’m ready to admit it—the election is rigged.

Drive down any street in central Connecticut and the Trump lawn signs outnumber Clinton’s five to one, if not more. We’re not exactly a battleground state, but we’re pretty Democratic, a fact which makes this disparity all the more mystifying. I’ve said before that the Trump supporters have the guns and the Dump-Trumps don’t. Since we don’t want to be shot—or find ourselves in the line of fire when someone uses a long gun to render our lawn signs unreadable, we’ve expediently shied away from expressions of support for the anti-Trump. We may have been right, for as the election nears, the craziness has been ramped up among those who are…um…preparing for the aftermath.

1. Jared Halbrook, 25, of Green Bay, Wis., predicted “another Revolutionary War,” adding that “[people are] going to do whatever needs to be done to get [Hillary Clinton] out of office, because she does not belong there. If push comes to shove,” he added, and Mrs. Clinton “has to go by any means necessary, it will be done.” Jared, who works in a call center, has undoubtedly made an exhaustive study of who belongs and does not belong in the White House. Go Packers! And take Jared with you.

2. Julie Olson (I think I had a student by that name—hope it’s not you) said that she and her husband had been through rough economic times in recent years, that if Hillary gets in, Ms. Olson would probably go ”into depression” because “it’s going to be a whole lot worse — income, lack of income, small business, large businesses.” Well that seems to cover everything in a succinct yet totally incomprehensible sentence. Congrats.

It gets worse.

3. Richard Sabonjohn, 48, of Naples, Florida says “Unfortunately, I’m not a man of vigilante violence. I’m more of a peaceful person. But I do think there will be a large amount of people that are terribly upset and may take matters into their own hands.” I \t’s unfortunate that you’re not a vigilante? What else has fortune deprived you of? Being a serial killer? Having your arm chopped off by a threshing machine? How about thank goodness I’m not a vigilante? Maybe next time.

And finally—and I’m not making this up:

4. Paul Swick, 42, considers himself a “Bible Christian” and “Thomas Jefferson liberal,” and hopes to beat Mrs. Clinton “at the ballot box.” Sounds reasonable, then lest anyone think he was sane, this owner of more than thirty firearms said “If she comes after the guns, it’s going to be a rough, bumpy road. I hope to God I never have to fire a round, but I won’t hesitate to. As a Christian, I want reformation. But sometimes reformation comes through bloodshed.” It may be time to reexamine your definition of Christian, Mr. Swick, because I know one guy from whom we get the term who probably thinks you’re anything but.

What’s most distressing is this: there was a time when calls to anarchy would be attributed to “an unknown Trump supporter” or “an anonymous observer,” or maybe “an inmate,” but these people and many more are signing up for the coming uprising openly, names and addresses included.

So maybe we do face a rigged election, one that may be controlled—or at least influenced—by the people with the loudest voices, the greatest ignorance of their self-interest, the most deep-seated hatred of their opponent, the sparsest knowledge of the republic for which they pretend to stand, and the most guns.

The signs are everywhere.

2 Replies to “Sometimes no sign is a sign.”

  1. To say this is frightening is to understate the reality. I cannot fathom what exactly it is that DT has tapped into that nearly 50% of the US population seems to be behind. What exactly are they so rabidly angry about?

  2. They see the old white, patriarchal, and straight America diminishing in the rear view mirror. If they stop the car, it won’t get any smaller. For them electing Trump is one way to stop it. They don’t know how he’s going to do it, but he has dignified all of their prejudices, and for that reason alone, they don’t really care.

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