Choices. Choices. Choices.🤔

It’s a genuine dilemma for the American voter.

Hillary Clinton
◾    was sloppy and careless with emails
◾    overlooked her husband’s many indiscretions (euphemism) to save her marriage
◾    spent forty-odd years in public service.

Donald Trump
◾    made overtures to a foreign power to help him achieve the presidency
◾    suggested that his opponent be “taken care of” by Second Amendment people
◾    admitted to knowing nothing about Russia
◾    denied that Crimea had fallen
◾    insisted that Aleppo had
◾    ridiculed a handicapped reporter
◾    insulted Gold Star parents
◾    sexually assaulted an as yet unknown number of women
◾    has declared climate change a Chinese conspiracy
◾    has consistently used Chinese steel in his buildings
◾    has refused to rent apartments he owned to Blacks
◾    sees nothing wrong with the use of nuclear weapons
◾    denies he said that
◾    apologized to his wife for a taped recording of him boasting about how he routinely grabbed women by the crotch
◾    said during a debate he didn’t even have to apologize to his wife because he never did it (Wrong!)
◾    joked about winning a Purple Heart—”I always wanted one.”
◾    used four college deferments and another for “bad feet” to avoid the draft in the sixties
◾    equated the risks of contracting sexual diseases with the perils of combat (no, really.)
◾    has threatened and suggested physical violence against protesters at his rallies
◾    plans to put his opponent in jail if he wins
◾    has paid no taxes in two decades and refuses to divulge his tax returns
◾    has Rudy Giuliani in his corner (deal-breaker)
◾    called the FBI corrupt…until yesterday
◾    believes that in big cities most people are shot as a matter of course
◾    equates living in the big city with being a minority and vice-versa
◾    publicly shamed a Miss Universe winner for gaining weight
◾    has declared a woman too unattractive to be physically assaulted
◾    objectified his own daughter to a male friend (euphemism—again)
◾    has promised to eliminate the Affordable Care Act but has nothing with which to replace it
◾    wants to deport millions of illegals
◾    is probably married to one
◾    has winked at the employment of illegal workers on most of his job sites
◾    simultaneously (and publicly) opposed and supported the Iraq War
◾    doesn’t understand the difference between the State Department and the Secretary of State
◾    has never been endorsed by ICE (federal agencies are not allowed to endorse anybody)
◾    has no working knowledge of the U. S. Constitution beyond the Second Amendment.
◾    would end a woman’s rights regarding her own body
◾    would thwart efforts to raise the minimum wage for all workers
◾    would abolish free speech by making it easy to sue reporters or anyone who publish facts he doesn’t like (uh-oh)
◾    spent forty-odd years in self-aggrandizement.

It’s a tough choice. Many consider it a toss-up. I’m going to read that list again before I decide. You do the same, then send this to your undecided friends and see if we can get them to utilize those folds in their brains. Before November 8…if you could.

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