I for one welcome our new insect overlords

If you’re a longtime Simpsons fan, you’re smiling at that reference. First time since last night?

If you don’t recognize the reference, here’s forty-nine seconds well-spent:

I guess it’s also time for us to welcome our new insect overlords, with a warm handshake and the other hand protecting…well. you know.

I’ve never been a drown-your-sorrows kind of guy, so I avoided “self-medicating” last evening, choosing instead to stare soberly in disbelief as one state after another proved that there’s still room in this great country for a young man who starts with everything to grow up and become a tax evader, a sexual predator, and the President of the United States. Horatio Alger, step aside.

It also proved what we’ve already known—America is a forgiving country, and unless your name is Pete Rose, Americans are inclined to forgive past mistakes. In retrospect, the only way Donald Trump could have lost that election was if he had gambled on baseball.

Okay, that’s out of the way. Time to move on.

The excuses are out there in profusion this morning: voter intimidation, the premature termination of the Voting Rights Act, the failure of the Black vote, the disappearance of the union vote, the botched meddling of James Comey—if we wait long enough, household pets will incur some blame. (Damn those golden retrievers and their big imprecise paws!) But speaking as one Clinton supporter who knew she was the better choice but not the best choice, we have to admit her failures, from Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s attempts to sabotage the Sanders candidacy to the meaningless but ill-advised email deletions that took on a life of their own. And we failed too. We drank the “two bad choices—hold your nose and vote” Kool-Aid for much too long and it eventually choked us. When the media substantiated that low opinion we had, we nodded knowingly instead of issuing vehement and factual denials.

Now we’re in a place we never expected to be, but that’s not always a bad thing, especially since the Trump voters—who may feel vindicated—are in the same place. It would not be unusual for people who share something—in this case a feeling of disenfranchisement—to arrive at some common ground. Don’t forget, our system of government remains intact, and though we may not embrace the current make-up of Congress, there is still a Congress and a centuries-old blueprint for running a country. The Constitution has been tested before and passed. Whatever our level of depression, despondency, and bitterness, it’s too early to declare Armageddon.

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