Will Trump force himself to divulge his tax returns?

If you think you know the answer, you’re probably right; but if you think you know the question, maybe you aren’t.

There has been talk recently of Trump’s business dealings, essentially the divestiture of his holdings to his children. It’s important to know that he has not yet done it, and the simple act of telling the kids “you run my hotels” isn’t nearly enough to satisfy the requirements of his office. So far the talk has been theoretical, as in if a foreign emissary visits D.C. and eschews the new Trump hotel for another, will he be treated less favorably by the president? But conversely, if that emissary does stay in a Trump hotel, will he looked upon as less than forthcoming in his own country where the people he represents may consider his having been bribed into making concessions?

It get worse. If it should occur that workers in his hotel file a suit with the National Labor Relations Board, its members will have been appointed by Trump’s transition team, i.e., Trump. It’s unlikely he will rule against himself.

And those taxes? The current head of the IRS will see his term expire in November 2017. He can resign by then or be impeached—an action Republicans have attempted for a while. The new head of the IRS would then be appointed by minority President Trump, and as much as I like to think that our public officials place ethical standards above political paybacks, Trump’s appointments so far seem to signal the opposite, to wit:

A Goldman Sachs alumnus will run the treasury.
A racist will act as Attorney General.
A public education opponent will serve as Education Secretary.
An open opponent of socialized medicine will control Health and Human Services.
A climate-change denier will head the EPA.
A white-supremacist has been named Senior counselor.

Not one of these appointees or selections fits within Trump’s promise to be the president for all Americans, not when he has collected a rogue’s list of the wealthiest and most uninformed ideologues in the land.

Elizabeth Warren said the American people are furious over his appointments, but I don’t think we’re furious enough. Already there are requests to “give the man a chance,” this despite the above choices and his silence about events like the desecration of mosques and the open mistreatment of minorities. Sadly he remains, in the final analysis, the president of the rabble who elected him. But the majority of us didn’t. If we’re ready for a long siege—and one that involves not just carrying signs and tweeting bon mots—then our political involvement may yet unseat this pretender…after which I won’t care about his taxes.

4 Replies to “Will Trump force himself to divulge his tax returns?”

  1. We’re not “furious enough”…I’m not sure I can pull up the anger yet…or the chutzpa to resume the fight. My weapons have been words and Facebook and I’ve put down Facebook. Which leaves my words without a forum. How do we undo this nightmare? How do we stop what has been set into motion?

    This is from my Blog, Reluctant Rebel, February 10, 2006:
    “My ancestors, more ancient than Grandma, sitting in amphitheaters at Paestum or Agrigentum understood the inevitability of fate as they experienced the pathos and tragedy of Oedipus dramatically portrayed: how the Scheme to thwart his fate as foretold by the oracle puts into motion the very events that lead inevitably to his fate’s fulfillment. My folly and my fate may seem insignificant next to men who, like Oedipus, or presidents, wield power: men who are compelled by their own hubris to set events into motion; men who, unlike Oedipus, experience no angst or honesty. Will the gods take notice?”

    1. Since a rhetorical question doesn’t require an answer, here’s my secular humanist answer: people will take notice, and when enough of them do, we will begin to awaken from this nightmare. Unfortunately, lots of bad stuff can happen while we’re still sleeping.

    1. And if you need further proof of just how screwed up things are, many observers see Mattis as a gleam of sanity, a brilliant tactician who might actually rein in some of Trump’s idiocy.

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