Here’s that list of people to blame. I didn’t have room for the other 62,206,342 .

A promise is a promise: here are some of the people who are alleged to or on record as having endorsed minority-Donald before the election.


Dick Cheney
Dan Quayle
Donald Rumsfeld
Pat Buchanan
Ted Cruz (Texas)
Scott Brown (former—Mass.)
Newt Gingrich
Chris Christie (NJ)
Nikki Haley (SC)
Rick Scott (FL)
Pam Bondi (FL)

Kevin Kelly (CT—state senator)
Michael McLachlan (CT—state senator)
Anthony D’Amelio (CT—state rep)

(A host of other local politicians endorsed Trump also—find out who they are and register your disappointment/disgust/horror/nausea—whatever mood you’re in.

Assorted celebrities:

Marine LePen (France)🇫🇷
Lou Dobbs (Fox)
Pete Coors (Miller/Coors)🍻
Jenny Craig (duh)
David Green (CEO—Hobby Lobby)
Kenneth Langone (co-founder The Home Depot)
Richard Yuengling (brewery owner)🍻
Mike Francesa (sports talk show host)
Jerry Falwell—evangelical Christian when it suits him.
Jay Bergman (CCSU—U.S. Commission on Civil Rights. I wish I were joking.)
Chuck Norris (actor, sort of, if you really stretch the term)
John Ratzenberger (actor—Cliff from Cheers)😔
Johnny Bench (baseball Hall of Famer)
Bob Knight (former basketball coach and generally unpleasant fellow)
Mike Tyson (athlete/actor, well, better actor than Chuck Norris)
Bill Belichick (coach NFL)
Tim Tebow (former/present professional athlete and whatever)
Paris Hilton (inheritor of wealth and briefly a celebrity)📽
Loretta Lynn “[Trump] is the only one who will turn this country around.” Good call, now we’re going backwards.
Anyone who pays NRA dues.

The following supported Trump, then retracted that support when he admitted to assaulting women:
Kirstie Alley (Cheers)
Carly Fiorina (but she met with Trump today)
Jon Huntsman

Most disappointing for me: Paul O’Neill. O’Neill calls a few Yankee games on TV every summer. He’s bright and personable, and though his conservatism is apparent, his support for Trump is inexplicable.
Most baffling: Lou Ferrigno. I’m not baffled by his choice—I’m baffled anybody asked him.
Most predictable: Richie Incognito. Mr. Incognito, you may remember, was traded from the Miami Dolphins when it was learned he had bullied and harassed teammate Jonathan Martin.
Most likely to change my mind about how I purchase online: Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal.
Most “who cares?” Ryan Sitton, Texas railroad commissioner. (Hmmm, trains.)
Lou Ferrigno award: Wayne Newton.🎶

Danke Schoen

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