“Sharing” is not “acting”

I saw that post this morning, one which I was supposed to share if I agreed.


At the time 20,000 people had already shared it and there were 86,000 likes. If you add them together you get (without a calculator now) 106,000 people. By my math 62 million is larger than 106,000, and since 62 million voters checked off Trump’s name last November, you can share as many posts as you want, he’s not going away. I didn’t share it, but I’m sharing my act of not sharing with you.

Don’t think you can wait until 2020 to get him out, because the same people who voted for him this time will vote for him next time…unless they have a reason not to. And if we all sit around and wail about “the usurper in the White House” for the next four years, we will double his stay. But if you think, as I do, that he will do irreparable damage to our economy, our security, and whatever social high ground we maintain after the Iraq War and the recent accounts of America’s newfound racism and misogyny, then it’s time to stop counting days and start getting rid of him.

We begin with Jeff Sessions, Trump’s nominee for attorney general. We all know Sessions’ own party turned him down for a federal judgeship thirty years ago because he was deemed a racist. Not much has changed since then. He once sentenced a Klansman to death for the lynching of a black teenager, and he has used that as proof of his stand on racial justice for decades. Nothing could be less germane or further from the truth: his record shows a consistent stream of misrepresented and underrepresented black defendants, many of whom received the death penalty despite being demonstrably insane.

One of his major complaints has always been that there aren’t enough executions and they don’t come quickly enough. He once promoted a bill to eliminate a step in the appeals process and another to execute people convicted twice of drug trafficking. Neither bill passed.

Remember Trump in 1989 calling for the reinstatement of the death penalty for five black and Latino youths charged with raping a white jogger? Thirteen years later the “Central Park Five” were exonerated and awarded $41 million. Sessions offers this incident as proof that Trump is a law-and-order candidate, guilt or innocence be damned.

Sessions opposes voting rights, women’s rights, and criminal justice reform. Further, he has failed to turn over hundreds documents that the committee specifically requested, including transcripts of speeches, interviews, opinion pieces, and other public remarks. He claims he has no record of them. Google them, Mr. Sessions, they’re all there.

Finally, our so-called “nation’s policeman” and enforcer of the law made this comment when Trump’s tape about groping women became public:

“Everybody knows that Trump likes women.”

This is beyond wrong-headed: it’s neanderthal. It’s the culture that equates rape with sex. Did you think we were past that in 2017?

So we start with Jeff Sessions. Ignore everything else for one day—Meryl Streep, Russia, the college championship football game, and rain in California—they’ll go on without you. Gather all the facts you can about Jeff Sessions and make sure our senators and reps know that you know. Whether you’re black, female, or a blue-collar white worker who voted to make America great again, Jeff Sessions will change this country in ways you’re not going to like. He needs to be sent back to Alabama—as the Reagan Republicans did thirty years ago.

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