Some photos from the Monday after the marches that didn’t take place

Despite the “president’s” contention that the dozen or so people who descended upon Washington and countless other cities worldwide last Saturday were enhanced by tricky photographic angles and goofy lenses to look like three million, here are some pictures of those dozen or so participants. It’s a long slide show—give yourself some time.

The pictures are inspiring in themselves, but I’m prouder of knowing so many who attended, among them our daughter in Boston, sister-in-law and niece in D.C., and other friends, acquaintances, colleagues, and former students from everywhere—all of whose numbers must have been enhanced by trick photography (and later that evening by a trick press briefing.)

What happens from today on now becomes of paramount importance, but those of us who were there only in spirit thank you for the beginning.

Here are some of my favorite poster messages, but you will find your own.

  • Kolkata, India: Resistance is fertile.
  • Fairbanks, Alaska: Climate Scientist—Wanna see my data?
  • Columbia, South Carolina: Respect existence or expect resistance
  • Antarctica: Penguins for Peace and Seals for Science
  • Oklahoma City: You can’t comb over misogyny
  • New Orleans: You may not be a racist but you elected one
  • Marseille, France: Droits pour les femmes Americaines  (knew just enough French to get by)
  • San Jose, Costa Rica: Hasta la Vista, Sociedad Machista (and just enough Spanish—love the rhyme.)
  • Helsinki, Finland: Keep Calm and Smash Fascism
  • Dublin, Ireland: Fight Like a Girl (The  last slide: if you get that far, you’ll love the photo.)

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