Senate OKs DeVos; Grizzlies in panic mode

I’m more insulted than worried about Betsy DeVos’s appointment as Secretary of Education. I learned a long time ago that the only people who fully comprehend the educational process are educators. The theorists who look on from the outside and come up with the innovations and upheavals are, with few exceptions, experts in theories only. And as much as I hate to admit this as an educator, DeVos can probably do less harm than any other appointments of the “president,” especially since so much of educational policy rests with the local districts and the state boards. Besides if DeVos knows as little as it appears (and I don’t think she’s merely feigning ignorance) then manipulating her and even educating her remain possibilities.

But just look at dangers inherent in the other appointments:

Rex Tillerson: no government experience and ties to Russia, Secretary of State

Steven Mnuchin: no government experience and former senior executive at Goldman Sachs. (Remember Trump accused Hillary of being too chummy with Wall Street?) Mnuchin is Wall Street. Treasury Secretary

Jeff Sessions: Alabama senator since 1997 with a history of racial prejudice and opposition to voting rights. Joked about approving the KKK as long as they didn’t smoke weed. Attorney General

Tom Price: Twenty years in the government where he has developed an obsession for tearing down Medicare and turning it into a voucher program. Best buds with Paul Ryan who has the same desire. The Times called him Dr. Personal Enrichment. Secretary of Health and Human Services.

Carl Puzder: Go online and look up some of the Carl’s Junior advertising spots. (I’d send you a link, but I try to keep my blog PG.) See if his attitude indicates an ability to work on achieving equal pay and dignity for women. Secretary of Labor

There are more, but you get the point.

DeVos? Her appointment is a travesty but not necessarily a tragedy. We can work with it. Compared to the others who could drive us to economic disaster or widespread racial turmoil or even shooting wars, her threat is less dire; but unless we erect roadblocks in front of her daily, she could begin a spiral whose end result might be devastating.

Oh, and I mentioned an insult earlier? One of the first statements I heard an administrator make when I entered the teaching profession was English teachers are a dime a dozen. Since the “president” wants us to be led by somebody who knows nothing about what we do, it now appears to be true of all teachers. On the bright side though, inflation hasn’t hurt us much.


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