Has the Swedish Chef run amok?

Remember your last high school reunion? Remember how everyone was happy to see you? Remember how, for a few hours, you could forget the argument with your partner, or the reprimand from your supervisor, or the grocery store clerk who gave you the evil eye because he knew—as you did—that you had thirteen items in the express lane? Remember?

If you can, in fact, remember, then you’ll have some idea of why Trump enjoys campaign rallies even when he’s not campaigning. It’s a high school reunion and a chance to forget what the media keeps pointing out to him: he’s not doing a very good job and Americans are beginning to notice.

He could have approached this situation in one of two ways: he could have agreed that things haven’t gone well and promised to do better—something of which I’m sure he is capable; or he could have declared war on the media and then label them the enemy of the American people.

Trump took the second route: who Trump is left him no choice, but the loss is ours. Had he dedicated himself to learning what was going on in the world, he could have prevented the ever-increasing gaffes list from growing longer. Already it includes:

The Bowling Green Massacre (never happened)

Last night in Sweden (see tweets. Even in Swedish they’re funny.)

Crime is out of control (violent crime and property crime aredown since the 90s)

Thousands of unvetted refugees have arrived and there’s no way to vet them. (Background and biometric checks (fingerprints and retina scans)—vetting can take two years but it’s being done.

Americans are really optimistic. (You can choose your polling expert, but most Gallup polls rank Trump’s approval rating the lowest for a president in decades.

He can declare war on the press all he wants: I’m sure he aspires to be like Vladimir Putin who, early on in his presidency, had the state take over the first independent national TV network; but in the end if he called a truce and read something other than what Steve Bannon hands him every morning, he would save himself and the country a good deal of embarrassment.

You can’t keep going to high school reunions. It’s just not healthy.

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