🎶 Still crazy after all these…days 🎶

Current respectable opinion writers for reputable newspapers are loath to deal with the psychological aberrations of Donald Trump, claiming that distant diagnoses can produce nothing efficacious.

Respectable and reputable—two adjectives I don’t have to worry about. I have no qualms about calling out the lunatic behavior of Donald Trump, nor do I feel the least bit reluctant to say that he is getting crazier by the day.

Remember those pleasant times when we called him a con-man? It wasn’t exactly homage, but it did make us feel competent that we could see through him. I guess at some level we believed we could turn him on and off at will, choosing what to accept and what to dispel. We also believed that if his actions became too outlandish, we could sit him the corner like some refractory child and say, “Okay, Donald, that’s enough.”

Only four months ago we were licking our wounds and saying “let’s give him  chance,”

He’s had his chance—now it’s time for Congress, all of whose members took an oath to defend the Constitution, to join in a united and bipartisan effort to obtain for Mr. Trump, a psychological screening.

Just to be clear, a psych screen doesn’t determine insanity; instead it focuses on the discovery of desirable traits, like impulse control, judgment, honesty, integrity, personal bias or lack of bias, ability to deal with supervision, appropriate attitudes towards sexuality, and more. Trump possesses none of these, actually revels in their antitheses. In the end a battery of questions can clarify diagnoses, prescribe therapy, and develop treatment plans. Trump needs all of those. And then he needs to be removed from office.

I said he grows worse by the minute. His recent attacks on President Obama rise to the level of paranoia, and his constant assertion that the Obama people are ruining Trump’s presidency would be laughable if they weren’t attributable to the leader of the free world—the man with the nuclear codes. He also claims that Obama’s decision to remain in Washington is a deliberate attempt to second-guess and embarrass him—that last activity he seems to have no trouble accomplishing on his own. The irrationality of Trump’s antipathy for Obama is matched only by that of Homer Simpsons to Ned Flanders. (Sorry, Homer—you deserved better.)

We don’t need a test or survey to prove that Trump is a malignant narcissist: his ongoing self-congratulatory speeches prove that; but the reactions of the opposition must be increasingly vigorous. Narcissists do best when others give them leeway, stand modestly aside, quietly accept the self-promotion and bluster. Narcissists, like bullies, run into trouble when people stand up to them. The Women’s March and other protests, along with an increasingly obstreperous Democratic party, are our best defense against the unhinged and loopy Trump,at least for now. But the only real answer is impeachment, a finding of guilty, and his removal from office.

Dream large.

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