I know I left that scalpel somewhere….

The only thing more annoying than listening to Trump misshape history and deny the present is trying to endure his apologists.

On a conservative talk show recently where Trump was lobbed softball questions, he still didn’t know enough to hide his ignorance, stating that Andrew Jackson had been angry about the Civil War. I know there are those who believe in life after death, but posthumous anger seems a bit of a stretch. (Andrew Jackson died in 1845.)

It’s hard to defend that kind of grade-school ignorance…unless you’re a Republican. Like Newt Gingrich. “Trump’s not a student of history,” Gingrich said. “Trump’s an extraordinarily successful, entrepreneurial personality who learns what he needs to know when he needs to know it. Trump is learning history as he governs.” I wonder if Gingrich, a former college history instructor, would be sanguine enough to allow his dentist, surgeon, or financial advisor to learn a little more with each abscess, missing scalpel, or bankruptcy.

Gingrich’s denial merely echoes the ones made by the so-called “Christian” conservatives last fall when news of Trump’s case of the gropies came to light. “We’ve all sinned,” they said. “Jesus still loves him.” I’m not sure if even that’s true, since asking forgiveness is usually the first step toward receiving it—a step Trump has never taken.

And don’t forget this glorious act of faith from Jerry Falwell Jr, president of Liberty University. “I talked to Mr. Trump late last night,” Falwell once said on CNN, “and he explained why [accusations of groping women] were not true.” Trump himself promised to release information defending Falwell’s words, but never did, claiming instead: “These [women] are horrible people. They’re horrible, horrible liars.” Proof positive.

Such a blatant disregard for the truth and such a facile willingness to defend the indefensible is the hallmark of the new presidency which, every day, is further tarnished and adulterated. In a way it even diminishes the prestige of all those who have held the office heretofore.

Except Jackson—he’s just happy to know he lived sixteen years longer than he had thought.

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