Paul Ryan—Yes a toady, but OUR toady

Too bad about Paul Ryan, but I guess when the wheels fall off the Trumpmobile, someone has to get run over by the axles. Who better than Mr. Ryan?

No one has distinguished himself as a master of slippery expediency better than he. Remember his well publicized disgust at Trump’s genitalia-grabbing shenanigans, but how quickly it turned to admiration and support when it appeared that Trump would gain the nomination? With that sort of blot on one’s résumé, one might be advised to do everything within reason to re-establish one’s integrity.

Not so Mr. Ryan. Like many other politicians watching their reputations dissolve like an Alka-Seltzer tablet in boiling water, he has doubled down over and over. Sleaze to the nth power: the math is mind-boggling.

Yesterday, completely within character, he asked us to excuse Trump’s mishandling of former FBI director James Comey because the president, the halfwit who has been running for the office pretty much since Obama was inaugurated, didn’t understand what a president was supposed to do. Hell, I knew that eight months ago. We ALL knew that, even the people who voted for him. But what we ALL didn’t realize was that all the sycophants who came along for the ride would spend what was left of their political clout and their basic integrity defending him.

With Paul Ryan leading the pack.

Maybe it’s Mr. Ryan who doesn’t understand what a party leader, or an elected representative, or a man with a conscience is supposed to do. Maybe nobody told him either.

It may be pretty to think the Wisconsin voters who put him there will instruct him during the next election, but that probably won’t happen. Even so, we can marvel at how low he will stoop to defend the indefensible.

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