The clumsy legerdemain of the Trump bunch

Before Kathy Griffin and Bill Maher upset our dear leader, before James Comey broke a dinner date with his wife in favor of agita with the president, before rumors surfaced of trouble in paradise between Sessions and Trump, before Jared Kushner was accused of at the very least least indiscretion in dealing with the Russians, I wrote this regarding Trumpcare;

•At least 24 million more uninsured Americans by 2026
•Higher deductibles (according to the CBO)
•Lower premiums—yes lower, but only after patients with higher costs have been priced out of the market
•Less government support for lower income people—cuts in funding to Medicaid will mean millions fewer people would be covered
•State waivers allowing for poorer quality plans that will cover less. The result, a patient will pay for services that were previously covered.

Don’t be distracted by current events. Entertainers will continue to run afoul of politicos and issue denials and apologies, then forge ahead doing what they’re supposed to do: make us laugh at halfwits like Trump. The Comey brouhaha is not going anywhere soon—investigations like this can stretch out to the crack of doom. Jeff Sessions has become so toothless of late that whether he remains in Washington or returns to the bridge under which he had previously dwelt makes practically no difference, and Jared Kushner’s future looks somewhat dimmer than it did seven days ago.

So in these glorious days when Trump’s downfall seems minutes (if not seconds!) away, we’re babbling about obstruction of justice and impeachment, while the Republicans (remember them? they operate the legislative concession at Trumpland right through 2018) have no intention of moving forward with articles of impeachment and feel absolutely no threat—except as regard elections in 2018.

You and I can’t impeach the president, we can’t even halfway impeach a halfwit president. But we can vote out the people from whom he derives power. And please keep in mind that all the distractions I’ve been writing about have taken healthcare out of the headlines, allowing a plan to fester among Senate Republicans that would accept the House measure as is with some vague qualifier like “we’ll address individual issues as they arise.” The House measure looks like a rejected thesis from Clown College of Trump University, but the Senate—with more important matters at hand—may accept it anyway. Do not underestimate the laziness or malevolence of this Republican Congress.

For Americans, health care has to be number one. Twenty-four million people have more immediate worries than some illusory a Senate vote on Impeachment. We should support and defend these potential victims of the new Republican death panels and be extra vigilant to stop any clumsy attempts at Trumpian sleight of (small) hand.




2 Replies to “The clumsy legerdemain of the Trump bunch”

  1. Distractions may work in our favor to some degree…as long as the administration and congress are kept busy putting out fires and as long as 45 keeps tweeting embers, they may all be too distracted themselves. I agree that we are not being kept adequately informed about draconian executive orders, many of which are meant to wipe out anything with Obama’s name attached. For the most part this administration and this congress has done little of substance…45 even makes theatre out of signing “decision memos” which are not worth the price of a sticky note.

  2. You’re right about the executive orders, though every once in a while some leakage over a signing does escape the vault. Yes, every one is designed to eliminate the name of Obama from the registry of presidents, and that places Democrats in a bind: we don’t want to let the halfwit win, but we don’t want to be characterized as gazing backwards when we should be looking ahead. If there’s an upside. it’s that most of the executive orders are toothless, and the ones that aren’t may be years away from being effected.

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