Wanted: Three Republicans with a conscience.

That’s all it would take to scuttle the new health care bill that is metastasizing and festering behind closed doors, the one that Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan want to vote on within the next two weeks. A Fourth of July slap for all of us.

Just three Republicans, but Chuck Grassley will not be one of them. Read this interview from Jeff Stein of Vox.com. The level of stupidity and ignorance is almost beyond belief.

Jeff Stein, Vox I want to ask a very broad question: What do you think this health care bill will accomplish that will improve America? What’s the positive case for this bill?

Chuck Grassley Well, I can tell you what it’s going to do for Iowa. We are one of those states that in a couple of weeks if [the insurer] Medica pulls out, we’ll have 94 of our 95 counties won’t have any insurance ,even for people who have the subsidies. That’s what we have to concentrate on now.

Jeff Stein How do you think the bill will fix that problem?

Chuck Grassley Well, by bringing certainty to the insurance market. They don’t have that certainty now.

Jeff Stein By bringing certainty to the insurance market. What certainty?

Chuck Grassley What?

Jeff Stein What do you mean by certainty?

Chuck Grassley Well, they can’t even file. They have to check the rates real high if they don’t know what the government policy is. And so the certainty is that passing a bill gives the health insurance companies certainty.

Jeff Stein Wouldn’t not passing a bill also do that?

Chuck Grassley No, it … well, yeah — it gives them certainty that you’ll have a lot higher rates than if you pass the bill.

Jeff Stein So you’re saying [the bill] will lower the rates?

Chuck Grassley Um, if you’re talking about lowering the rates from now down, no. The rates could be way up here. [Points to sky] And if they — if we get a bill passed, it maybe wouldn’t go up or would go up a heck of a lot less than they would without a bill. (ed. note—I thought this deserved to be in, at least, red.)

Jeff Stein By “rates,” are you talking about premiums?

Chuck Grassley Yeah, premiums. … I’m sorry I have to go.

This was an actual interview. You can read other interviews and the whole sorry mess here, but I must warn you, even though you’ll hear a few faint voices of reason, you will not feel good afterwards.

Rates. Premiums. More costly. Less Costly. Life. Death. They’re all pretty much the same to Chuck Grassley and his confederates whose only goal is to pass a bill for the sake of passing a bill. And it’s all happening behind closed doors while we wait for the big reveal.

It’ll take three Republicans to stop this. Are there three out there who care about the well-being of the people they represent, or is kissing up to the “president” their only raison d’être?

Read the gibberish. You decide.


One Reply to “Wanted: Three Republicans with a conscience.”

  1. Besides being kiss-asses they only care about re-election, so it is really up to the citizens of every state with republican congresspersons to make it know they will be voted OUT. Ah, if only the citizens could let go of their folly.

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