One man’s ceiling…

…is another man’s floor. With apologies to Paul Simon, Trump and Pence probably realize that today.

John McCain’s surprising turnaround earlier this morning has a lot of Democrats and progressives smiling.

If you’re one of them, you can stop now.

The bad day for Trump and McConnell marked the end of a perfect week for Mike Pence, for it is he—the rabidly evangelical conservative—who looks toward the weekend with a broad grin.

Why should he worry about health care when the administration’s henchmen had just finished a brazen, full-frontal assault on the LGBT community?

First a tweet from the halfwit president summarily excluded anyone in the LGBT community from serving in the military; then the Justice Department, without being asked, intervened in a private employment matter, one whose adjudication appears to roll back any advancements gay people realized from the 1964 Civil Rights Act; and finally, in what has to be the most cynical gesture of all, Trump appointed Sam Brownback, a longtime vocal opponent of gay rights, to be the nations ambassador-at-large for international religious freedom. (It’s a good position for Brownback who, from that spot, would be hard-pressed to drive another state into the ground. Kansas thanks you, Mr. Trump.)

I don’t know what happened to the ballyhooed Made-in-America Week, but the more subtle Evangelical Conservative Week just sneaked up on us and then sneaked by us, leaving a lot of Americans, both gay and straight, wondering who stole their country.

Of course, ignorant as Trump is of all things governmental, his LGBT proscription fell on deaf ears in the military which, as one general put it, doesn’t change policy because of a tweet. And Brownback flitting about the globe preaching religious freedom can’t do too much harm, though his ardent crusade against same-sex marriage will cast America in an even more negative light. But the Justice Department ruling is more than problematic in that nobody asked DOJ to become involved at all. Not officially. The ruling was supposed to have been made by the employment commission and should have dealt with one case; now the tentacles have reached back 53 years and threaten to return anyone with an alternative lifestyle to pre-Stonewall America.

And then there’s Russia. If you’ve forgotten about that, then all these other occurrences have served a double purpose—destroying the lives of millions of Americans and letting a crooked president continue on with impunity.

So maybe you enjoyed that little moment of pleasure when McCain gave the thumbs down to the “Skinny Repeal.” Good, now finish that fourth cup of coffee and get ready to carry on. A good weekend for Mike Pence is a bad weekend for the rest of us.

One man’s ceiling….


One Reply to “One man’s ceiling…”

  1. Just a few thoughts:
    Perhaps McCain’s recent stay in the hospital, receiving top-notch health care paid for by Congress’ premium health insurance plan made him consider what others, with lesser means, would have done in similar circumstances. And, sadly, his terminal diagnosis may have put him in a position of “nothing to lose” by his maverick vote. I’m not sure he’s had any real enlightenment however.
    As for all the anti-LGBT shenanigans by various players in, near and dear to this abominable administration: we (LGBT folks) knew it was coming. Those who downplayed the ability and will of the Republican party to destroy all the civil rights gains made by women, LGBTs, blacks and immigrants obviously had their collective head in the sand. Those of us who fought the war and won our rights will do so again if need be. Unfortunately the young ones among us have taken too much for granted and, being used to having things provided without their expending any effort, may be in for a rude awakening when they are asked to participate in regaining their own liberation.
    I, for one, have been somewhat surprised at the tenacity of this group of White House bozos to remain relatively untouched by their own foibles and illegitimacy. And by the slowness of their supporters to catch on. But then, I probably give people more credit for common sense than they deserve.
    I watch as “all the best people” are fired, resign, or cannibalize one another without any lasting consequence, perhaps because all things are newsworthy for about twenty minutes and fade away as if they had never happened by the following Monday.
    Honestly, I am surprised that the whole administration is taking so long to spontaneously combust. And a part of me fears what will happen when it it does. You mention Mike Pence. He is the devil waiting in the background and boy, will he smile diabolically as he takes the presidential oath. That is when, I fear, the incompetent court jesters will be replaced by storm troopers with a plan.

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