Trump wants to stifle journalists; Roy Moore probably agrees.

Steve Bannon, “journalist,” pointed out that it was the Washington Post—the same newspaper that “dropped a dime” on Donald Trump for the “Access Hollywood” tapes—that also outed Roy Moore, the Alabamian with a history of assaulting young girls. This fact, for journalist Bannon, is proof of…of what?

  • That journalists do their jobs?
  • That Bannon is not a journalist?
  • That Breitbart News is neither journalism nor news but the Post is?
  • That Roy Moore is unfit to represent his state in Congress?

Yes. All of those and more.

Bannon’s is, of course, another non-denial denial. He doesn’t claim that Moore is not a pedophile or a rapist or a sick S.O.B. Instead he impugns the integrity of the accuser, in much the same way as the marionette masquerading as president has done—you know, that real-estate guy whose strings Bannon pulls.

Ah, the non-denial denial. It came to the fore in All the President’s Men, the book about two young reporters uncovering the seamy and illegal activities of the Nixon White House some five decades ago. The Watergate investigation ultimately led to a president’s resignation (and the adding of -gate to every political scandal since!) And those young reporters? Coincidentally they also cashed their paychecks from the Washington Post, as did those who broke the Monica Lewinski story. Democrats are not immune. It’s called reporting. It’s called journalism.

Steve Bannon knows history. He knows it’s in his best interest to dispute the authenticity of the Roy Moore report in hopes of averting another Watergate. But in this case, he sounds like a fool. Even in the age of social media with its utter dependency on unsubstantiated information, the real stories get out and we recognize them. Bannon knows this is a real story.

And he also knows Roy Moore is done, and should be. Moore may very well survive the upcoming election when the blocs of Alabama evangelicals sell their souls once again and choose to blink at his perversions (because, after all, he isn’t a Democrat), but already his own party is attempting to block his path.

And if we really subscribe to some moral code, even at its most simplistic level, Trump should be done too. Trump—who bragged that he could shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not deter his supporters, who bragged that he forced himself on women whenever he wanted to because he couldn’t help himself, who gloated over his stature as a star with its concomitant “fringe benefits” that allowed him to grab women’s genitals when he felt the urge. Yeah, that Trump. He and Moore are cut from the same cloth, each with a bully’s code of conduct to take what they want when they want it.

Trump wants reporters locked up. Of course he does. A huckster like Steve Bannon won’t get him, but some journalist on the Washington Post might.




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