Two cautionary tales for the price of one. (Actually, for the price of none.)

There are two articles you should read today if you are able to access them.

The first, a straight news story from the Washington Post, makes me proud to be a subscriber (if only online) but also reinforces my belief that we need to support responsible journalism in all its forms—especially in the age of Trump, who has never hidden his desire to squelch all of it.

The second, an op-ed piece from Bari Weiss of the New York Times, deals with a concern we discussed at home few weeks ago when the sexual harassment charges began to cascade down. I remembered the “Believe the Children” hysteria of the late 1980s and how the false accusations had left the world a more dangerous place for children. The recent attempt to vilify the Post with a false accusation about Roy Moore will occur in some form again—there will be, as Ms. Weis says, a “Rolling Stone moment,” and people like Moore and Trump and other serial abusers will exploit it as proof that women alleging harassment, stalking, groping, even pedophilia and rape, are liars.

We all have to be ready.


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