They held fast…until they didn’t.

And McConnell kind of believes the women.

Why are Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and John McCain taking the blame for the recent tax vote? How long do we expect them to stand tall while the rest of the party shrinks into the Lilliputians we have always expected them to be?

That wasn’t exactly a rhetorical question. Actually I expected those three to stand tall once more. Since they didn’t, they now reside in the pantheon of self-serving suck-ups, licking the thousand-dollar Gucci boots of the filthy rich who alone will benefit from this TrumpTax debacle.

But though their spiritual leader might be the president, their temporal leader is Mitch McConnell. And though he may have had, as a secondary purpose, to give his president a victory, his major goal has always been to impose the effete Republican standby claptrap we’ve heard for forty years: make the rich richer and they’ll share with us.

No they won’t. Make the rich richer and the money will be split between their shareholders and their families. Workers’ wages will not rise, not even if there’s more work.

But this tax bill extends well beyond 1040s and trickle-down economics. In order to pass it, these weasels slipped in a good deal of misery for the average American:

It ends the Affordable Care Act mandate. Ten to 15 million Americans will lose health insurance during the next ten years.

It allows oil drilling in Alaska. Natural Resources Committee Chair Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, drafted the language. Yes, that Lisa Murkowski.

It allows prospective parents to shelter money in a college fund for a child in utero. No big deal? Yes it is: it’s an easy step from there to declaring that same fetus a child. Just a little candy for the evangelicals who got their serial sex-abuser into the White House but think abortion is really bad.

Speaking of which, churches may now engage in political activity without jeopardizing their tax status.

Most economists claim TrumpTax is a hoax, but when everything goes to hell in three or four years and the government needs cash, expect cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and every beneficial social program you can think of.

This—and more—is what Mitch McConnell has won for us. And in case you haven’t noticed, he’s “come around” on Roy Moore also, having modified his “I believe the women” to “Let the people of Alabama make the call.” It’s the Pontius Pilate approach to decision-making, though I doubt if McConnell’s hands will ever come clean after Moore wins. And how could he not win? We’re talking about Alabama.

So yes, be disappointed in the heretofore sensible Republican Three, but in this Congress and in this country, tribalism will win out every time, even when the chief is an idiot.

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