The silly goofiness of our madcap president

If we get caught up in the way Trump said what he did last Thursday, I’m afraid we’ll miss the point.

Everybody swears. Everybody curses. And everybody possesses a lexicon of vulgarities and obscenities that they keep salted away until they’re behind the wheel.

I get that. I myself have even been known to utter the occasional expletive or impropriety, and I know a whole lot of them I don’t use. (The day just isn’t long enough.) I always treat this blog as if some former English student is going to read it and I shouldn’t set a bad example by using “bad language” when there is so much good language available. Somewhere along the way I—and most of you—learned that inappropriate language is not appropriate, thus the word. Trump never learned this. But then he never learned a lot of things: to dwell on this minor imperfection is to normalize the overall picture.

It’s not normal.

Singling out any country and denigrating its people for any reason is racism. Disparaging a nation because of its poverty, its education level, its housing (remember the huts?) or the language or skin color of its citizens is racism. There’s no debate here. And the Trump-a-pologists who claim that he makes racist statements but he’s not a racist, would probably have trouble proving that Hitler was anti-Semitic or that Duterte is a murderer.

I don’t care if trump is a racist. Once we know that, we can all work around it; and I’m convinced that there are enough Republicans outside his lunatic base that will keep us from re-instituting Jim Crow laws or overturning the Civil Rights act of 1964. I’m also aware that his base, especially its most strident and rabid adherents, are drawn by the same racism that most thinking people find abhorrent. Admittedly, having a president that emboldens them or authenticates their beliefs cannot be overlooked.

Se we call him on everything—on every misstep and misdeed. We all know he’s a (…1…) and a (…2…) and doesn’t know a (…3…) thing about how to run a country, but let’s keep calling him the (…4…) he is until he’s finally out of our hair.

(I was thinking 1. clown, 2. buffoon, 3. blessed, and 4. halfwit, but answers may vary.)



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