While We Obsess over an Idiot in Washington, Our Safety and Security are Vanishing.

We have been “dumbed” and numbed by Donald Trump. I don’t have a way out, but I know it’s happening.

We’ve been “dumbed” into responding to every asinine statement he makes; but worse, we’ve been numbed to ignore virtually everything else.

The other morning I was shocked to learn that a 16-year-old Texas boy had taken a gun to school to shoot a 15-year-old girl. She survived. Two days ago in Kentucky a young man used a handgun to kill two students and injure nearly two-dozen more.

More shock, but when I commented on the two events I was astonished to learn that they constituted only two of the eleven school shootings this year.


And it’s only January.

In addition to the shootings in Texas and Kentucky, the following have occurred in 2018:

January 22—In New Orleans an unidentified person pulled up in a truck and shot into a group of students standing outside during lunch time. One teenager was hospitalized.

Jan. 20: At Wake Forest University a North Carolina football player was shot to death while at an school event.

Jan. 15: At Wiley College in Marshall, Texas, two suspects in a car exchanged gunfire with a person in a dormitory parking lot. No injuries, but a bullet entered a dorm room during the exchange.

Jan. 10: At Grayson College in Texas, a criminal justice student mistook a firearm for training pistol and fired a bullet through a wall. There were no injuries.

Jan. 10: At California State University, San Bernardino, a gun was fired on campus, however, no injuries were reported.

Jan. 9: At Coronado Elementary School in Sierra Vista, Arizona, a 14-year-old boy died in the school bathroom from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Jan. 6: A 32-year-old man in Forest City, Iowa, was arrested after firing a pellet gun into a school bus. No children were injured, but a bus window was shattered.

Jan. 4: In Burien, Washington, shots were fired from outside a school into an administration office; again, no one was injured.

Jan. 3: In St. John’s Michigan 31-year-old man who had called police and reported himself as suicidal, took his own life in an elementary school parking lot after hours of negotiation with police.

One New York Times reader responding to this avalanche of school-related shooting, said that if the Republicans plan to hold the Democrats responsible for every crime committed by an immigrant, why can’t the Democrats do the same for every crime committed by a gun owner.

Something to ponder, I suppose on January 25. With six January days ahead of us.

Since Newtown the United States has averaged about one school shooting a week. About fifty a year. But at the current rate, we’ll reach fifty before the current semester ends.

Folks, the president is in Switzerland where, for a few days anyway, he can’t hurt us. Maybe we can use this hiatus to turn our attention to other matters and, if nothing else, remove incidents like these eleven shootings from the list of what, regretfully, we are beginning to consider normal.


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