An ill-informed citizenry serves almost no one’s interests. Almost.

opThere’s a weekly news quiz in the New York Times on which I usually do creditably well—which is to say not embarrassingly bad. I can usually hit about 80%. Last Saturday I answered four out of eleven. Even I can do that math—36% —lower than Trump’s approval rating.

I don’t discount the possibility of my decreasing mental acuity, but I think the reason is more insidious: All Trump All The Time makes us all as ignorant as he is.

Let me tell you what I didn’t know:

a question about troop deployment in Afghanistan. (I was off by 100,000!);

a question about an upcoming abortion referendum in Ireland (May) which is bound to have ramifications here and elsewhere;

a question about the impending health care consortium comprising Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway, and whom? (J. Morgan Chase was the name I didn’t know);

the director of the CDC (and not the Office of Management and Budget—my answer!) had resigned;

Strava—some new App that accidentally divulges military bases and activities;

Jay-Z had the most Grammy nominations without a win last week;

Yesterday, for a change, I recoiled from reading anything about Trump. There’s actually another world out there.

In case you missed it, read the Maureen Dowd interview with Uma Thurman—uplifting and sickening at the same time. Read it if for no other reason than to witness the level of debasement to which powerful people can sink, and the degradation they can foist upon others in the process.

Have you ever shared airplane space with a service animal? Are you sure it was a service animal and not a pet in…uh…disguise? Read this op-ed piece about how some are perfectly happy to job the system without regard for actual victims who require the support of service animals.

This particular service animal was not allowed to board a flight last week.

Regarding the train derailment in South Carolina, Federal Railroad Administration statistics have shown that in recent years the agency has had an average of about two derailments a month. (Amtrak has described itself as a “safe and reliable transporter.)

And if you have time (about twenty minutes) and access, watch this disturbing documentary on white supremacists and their leaders. This story does link itself to the age of Trump, of course, but sometimes you have to make an exception.

Have a Trumpless day. Don’t worry—he isn’t thinking about you either.


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