The thing of it is…

There’s a thing called Office of National Drug Control Policy.

There’s a thing called Kellyanne Conway.

One of those things is “handling” the opioid crisis in he United States for Donald Trump—with a big assist from Andrew Giuliani, Rudy’s 32-year-old kid, who has no background in drug policy.

The president, who knows less about more than any other person to hold that office, believes that everything bad comes over the wall that hasn’t been built yet. In truth Trump would have to build a wall around every pharmaceutical company, every pharmacy, and every well-meaning physician to slow down the current opioid epidemic. One of those things would have been able to inform him that this is a home-grown problem, but he chose the other.

Last year Trump declared a drug emergency—something he equates with setting policy—then reverted to calls for stricter law enforcement and better border security. Locking up drug addicts has always worked so well in the past, if filling the prisons to capacity is any criterion. It’s not surprising that Trump and Conway have bought into it.

The new budget will slash more finds from ONDCP, relieving dedicated professionals and addiction experts from the ignominy of having to answer to Kellyanne Conway, but doing nothing for the addicted and the epidemic that is swallowing them.

Just as we did in November, 2016, he chose the wrong thing.

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