2 Replies to “From under the rocks”

  1. Now someone is blaming the students for not being nice to the gunman: “Well, what could these poor students have done?” EWTN host Lauren Ashburn asked. “Well, perhaps said ‘hello,’ perhaps said ‘I’m sorry to hear your dad died,'”Star Parker said.
    Also, Leroy should know that surveillance cameras don’t have “film” and there was nothing “fishy” about the shooting. What is fishy is probably last week’s take-out rotting under his sweatpants on the couch.

    There are mutants coming out of the woodwork. I can’t take much more.

  2. Still laughing at the Lauren Ashburn quote. Should we also have also said to Cruz, “hey, congrats on the $800,000 you’re going to inherit if you just…d’oh!” I think with the overreaction on every aspect of the right, they know their stance on guns is no longer tenable. Maybe it’s the tipping point, and all it took was one murderous psychopath with a gun nobody ever should have sold to him, fourteen dead high school students, and three dead teachers. That’s all.

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