Two weeks and two days

Insomuch as you can use “Trump” and “plan” in the same sentence…the Trump plan to diminish the concerns over gun safety is in full swing.

This week alone we have busied ourselves with the relationship between the president and Jeff Sessions. Will Sessions, one of Trump’s earliest supporters, be fired? If he is, will Sessions’ supporters still support Trump?

Then there’s the tariff on steel and aluminum—a bad idea made worse by Trump’s unilateral approval. It benefits a small number in his base and will cost upwards of 200,000 jobs and untold millions in losses. As the stock market continues to drift downward, that concern will keep us occupied for a while.

Jared Kushner, the most unqualified person to fill any governmental position since his father-in-law, had his top-secret security clearance removed. He’s still “secret.”

White House Communications Director Hope Hicks has fled the White House, the victim of admitted white lies she was compelled to present by her boss, the pathological liar. Pundits wonder if Trump will be able to survive the departure of his most trusted staff member. Really? What do you think?

The Russia investigation continues to draw closer to the presidency, but processes like this move glacially slow: concentrating on them distracts us from the more immediate concerns: school safety and gun legislation.

On Tuesday Trump came across as amenable to sane gun regulation, but then the NRA cavalry arrived and those “great people” reprogrammed the president. Now it’s back to arming teachers and selling weapons of war to infants.

Two weeks and two days have elapsed since the Valentine’s Day slaughter in Parkland. The funerals are over and the kids are returning to classes. The boycotts are holding (throw away your Bollé sunglasses); and the NRA-fueled pushback against Delta Airlines—the shot across the bow to other anti-NRA companies—is a sign of more battles to come.

But in Congress Ryan and McConnell, empty sacks to the end, have paid only some lip service to mental health and arming teachers: they’re far too cowardly to defy the NRA.

And the March for our Lives demonstration scheduled for March 24 has been bumped from the D.C. mall by a talent show. In the world before Trump that would have been funny. It isn’t anymore.

It’s all discouraging, but I hope the kids themselves remain upbeat and resolute in the face of a president and a Republican Congress whose tone-deafness is matched only by its callousness and ignorance.

Two weeks and two days. Still waiting.

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