Finally a mugging that involves an actual mug.

Apparently last weekend former Democratic state Rep. David Alexander of Enfield threw a coffee mug at his 69-year-old mother, hitting her in the head and opening a gash that required three staples to close. He also broke both her wrists as she was trying to restrain him after what the woman’s husband described as their son’s “night of drinking.”

The same Alexander had been charged in November 2016 with third-degree assault of an elderly person and breach of peace after police said he punched his father in the face.

Two drunk-driving arrests also highlight this politician’s biography.

And he’s running for a state senate seat.

In the current climate, why not?

As I was reading the account this morning, I wondered what would happen if Donald Trump had thrown a mug at Melania last weekend, striking her in the head and causing a fall which broke both her wrists. What would people do?

And by people, I mean normal people with some remaining vestiges of morality. That would exclude his most rabid political base and all the evangelicals.

Would they be able to excuse an airborne mug? Could they paint Melania as some termagant who for years had been asking for a good whupping (or mugging) and finally got it? Would they lament the rigors of the Oval Office causing justified and excusable explosions on occasion? Would the evangelicals portray Trump as a sinner in need of our forgiveness? As sure as fifteen minutes will save you 15% on insurance, yes. yes, yes, and yes.

Thomas Friedman in today’s New York Times promotes an interesting theory, one that says basically it’s too late for us to criticize anything Trump does—that when we turned a blind eye to his refusal to divulge his income taxes, we gave him carte blanche to lie, to cheat, to steal, to do anything he wants to with impunity. Remember that? The taxes? Seems like another century, but it wasn’t. And we did that—not Facebook or Twitter or anything else we’d like to turn into a scapegoat. That’s on us and the officials we elected.

The reason nothing crosses the line these days—from attacks on the FBI to Trump’s improprieties with women—is that we ignored that line—we painted it and then paved over it almost two years ago. Any other lines we paint from here on in are chimerical at best.

I don’t know if former Rep. David Alexander will ever again hold a senate seat in northern Connecticut, but if he does, this Democrat will have to thank Republican Donald Trump for not only ennobling bad behavior, but turning it into a campaign philosophy.

And yes, “Make America Great Again” mugs are available. In many colors, blood red among them.

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