2 Replies to “Doing God’s work”

  1. I read this post and I was just thinking how difficult it is (for you) (for any one of us) to keep up with the atrocities of the (so-called) POTUS. That the horrors come at us like whack-a-mole. And then I read your last post. That was weird.

    Before the virtual ink was virtually dry on this post the idiot-in-chief had paraded out a number of props (photos of people killed by “illegal immigrants” and all bearing an autograph of DT as if … I can’t even find the words. Their loved ones summoned to the court to serve the nefarious end of propping up the insane one.

    Where do I get one of those jackets Melania was wearing?

    1. I’m sure the stock of those jackets has been dramatically reduced.

      You’re right: while we focus only on the most atrocious behavior, other damage is occurring, especially in health, the environment, and human rights.

      You probably saw how the other day the U.S. withdrew on Tuesday from the United Nations Human Rights Council because the group is continually criticizing Israel for its treatment of Palestine. We joined Iran, North Korea and Eritrea as the only countries that refuse to participate in the council’s meetings and deliberations. This is not a huge deal, but it isolates us further and allows countries that traffic in human rights violations to face less resistance. What we did was at best dumb, and at worst pandering to an ally whose country is led by a Trump wannabe.

      Maybe there should be some t-shirts that say “Keep whacking that mole,” though the phrasing sounds vaguely obscene.

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