June 26, 2018. Hitting bottom and still sinking

If we needed any final proof that the system of checks and balances was irretrievably lost, yesterday’s Supreme Court decision on the so-called Muslim Travel Ban provided it; and it did so with a malevolence that is impossible to overlook. Ignoring years of Trump’s public execration of Islam and its followers and claiming that the ban does not violate religious freedom places the Gorsuch Court firmly in Trump’s pocket, and though the decision surprised no one, the cynicism renders the sycophancy almost preposterous.

Since November 2016 there have been many days where I was sure we had reached the bottom, or were close to it. Yesterday, however, may be proof that there is no bottom—that the idea of America is well into its death spiral, hastened by a collusive alliance among the three branches of government and sped along by an unwitting, petty, and ignorant populace hell-bent on making America great again and having absolutely no clue as to what those words even mean.

June 26, 2018 may be worth remembering. It was the day

•faith-based crisis pregnancy centers won a Supreme Court victory: they no longer have to advise women about free and low-cost abortions.

•on Staten Island Incumbent Rep. Dan Donovan who claims, in 2016, to have held his nose and voted for Trump but then recently went all-in on immigration and proposed a bill to require a portrait of Donald Trump in U.S. post offices, fought off a primary challenge and—behind Trump and Giuliani—won.

•the 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals gave Trump a temporary but significant victory in his battle against sanctuary cities. The full bench of the appeals court will hear oral arguments over the scope of the injunction on Sept. 6, but most experts agree that the damage has been done.

•reports were released that claimed the United States is headed for historic debt—upwards of $20 trillion by 2034—as a direct result of the new tax laws and deficit spending. Look for continued cutbacks in Medicare and Medicaid, health insurance, Social Security—in short, any program that benefits the average American and that his tax dollars pay for.

One might take some solace in the fact that U.S. District Court Judge Dana Sabraw gave the federal government thirty days to reunite migrant parents with children, declaring that said children had not even been treated as well or as carefully as property, and that due process had been ignored. But expect Jeff Sessions to hit back and turn this into another cause célebrè for the Trump White House, and expect to see more children unaccounted for and alone.

In November 2016, I expected the worst, or what I thought was the worst: economic collapse, a decrease in propriety, an ignoramus representing us on the world stage. But this was America—we’d overcome worse. If I’d had a little more imagination, I’d have been a little more ready for June 26, 2018, and I wouldn’t be quite so disheartened on June 27.

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