The grown-ups in the Senate have abdicated their duty and their humanity for the almighty vote.

The House of Representatives has always been the fraternity house of the legislative branch; the Senate, the more staid and serious quiet dorm.

There is a seriousness of purpose in the Senate, maybe an exclusivity. There are only one-hundred senators, compared to 435 House members. That means one out of every 3.5 million Americans is a senator, but a whopping one out of only 805,000 Americans owns a House seat. No wonder House members have so little self-esteem.

My math may be sketchy—in fact it’s probably wrong—but my point is not. The Senate is an exclusive group and, regardless of our political leanings, it has always been a point of pride in this nation.

So I want to know this: how do the Republican senators who either support or refuse to rebuke Donald Trump face one of their own after the president has attacked her personally. How do they pass Elizabeth Warren in the hallways and corridors of Congress and not feel some sense of shame? How do members of this putatively exclusive “club” allow one of their own to be assailed by a tinpot despot who has never served—and never will serve—anyone but himself? This group of one-hundred has opted for public service; how do they countenance attacks like this on one of their own?

Lest you get the wrong idea, I’m not a fan of Elizabeth Warren. I think that, like many others, she tries to do the right thing most of the time. And like most other politicians, there’s a lot of ego mixed in with her visions. But that fact does not excuse the blind eye of her colleagues.

She, John McCain, countless others others have done what Donald Trump has never done and cannot even fathom: they have served their country. Trump will never give these people respect because he cannot comprehend their choice, but for their own colleagues to turn their backs diminishes, maybe even shatters, the good name of the Senate.

We “get” the House routine: a few kegs on a Saturday night and a Sunday to sleep it off. But one Animal House is sufficient. The grown-ups in the Senate owe it to the voters who put them there to do what’s right—to salvage their self-respect—to make us proud.



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