2 Replies to ““Would it be Nice?” by the Beach Boys would still be a good song, wouldn’t it?”

  1. Love that Beach Boys reference.
    And then there was the look he had as if someone was holding a gun to his head forcing him to read the prepared “explanation” proffered by someone or some ones in his deplorable administration. It came too close (to an admission of his having been wrong) for comfort. The man who NEVER apologizes or admits to a mistake. He was squirming.
    But, to his base, none of this matters:
    Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Calif.) said Wednesday “He’s doing things that are a direct affront to Russia. I don’t care if he misspeaks or if he says the wrong thing, He has a different technique, that’s why I voted for him, that’s why the American people elected him,” the lawmaker said of Trump. “What he wants to do is go get things done. I have no problem with it, my trust is in the commander in chief,” Hunter said.

  2. Just another lost soul. There people cannot be won over but must be summarily dismissed. They sap our energy and contribute nothing. That last line could just as easily have been uttered by a death-camp guard seventy-five years ago.

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