Fires and borders and drones, oh my!

Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen Nielsen has had a busy month.

This past week most of her time was spent in North Dakota dealing with what has been on the minds of most Americans these days:


Admit it, you can’t remember the last time you went out to get the mail, check the moat, or talk with your full-time poolboy/chauffeur without gazing skyward in apprehension. Just thank Kirstjen for trying to keep you safe. Why North Dakota? Near as I can figure it has to do with some presidential tweets directed north of the border this past June, but I’m not privy to details. Nor will I be privy to maple syrup for much longer.

Also this week she was in California “building a culture of preparedness” to counteract the worst fire season in the state’s history. Some malcontents claim that accepting the reality of climate change and addressing the issue at its source might be the more efficacious way of handling it, but then not only do you lose that culture of preparedness, but you miss the chance to see those big jets fly dangerously low and drop that pretty red chemical on the flames. Whoosh! Fire out!

Busy busy busy: a trip to the Mexican border produced a tweet of adulation for the border patrol and the great job they do keeping us safe from those dangerous children. A while back she met with border sheriffs who, if my knowledge of the language remains viable, are sheriffs of border towns, most of whom have reiterated they have no problems. Maybe, but between those child interlopers and the weaponized drone strategy and the culture of preparedness, looks like the edges of our country are safe. At least three of them.

Except for the East Coast. For them she posted a photo of an MS-13 gang member. Sucks for you, snowflakes. In 2020 vote for the winner, huh? And also, FYI, the last time Secretary Nielsen spoke directly about the migrant children “crisis” was June 19th when she tweeted:

I will work tirelessly until our broken immigration system is fixed, our borders are secure and families can stay together.

Apparently the ginned-up fake news liberal immigration BS is over, and all the illegals have been reunited with their illegal parents; otherwise wouldn’t Secretary Nielsen be working tirelessly on that issue first?

Congrats Madame Secretary on a job well done.

Incidentally, we’re having a little cookout Sunday. Sometimes I overdo it on the charcoal lighter—just wondering if you could send one of those planes over with the red stuff. One pass. Nice and low. The neighbor kids would love it.

And they’re all legal.


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