Another August, and another low-road approach to white supremacists:

It’s unlikely that Trump knows how to spell, pronounce, or define apartheid. And it’s too bad, because he’d be right up front cheering for it if it hadn’t been abolished some 27 years ago.

If he doesn’t know apartheid, the chances are even slimmer that he knows about how African colonists voted, in 1913, to restrict African population to no more than 10% of the continent. The white minority got the rest. The Africa of a century ago probably aligns fairly well with the “great” America Trump wants to return to. Or haven’t you seen his hats?

Without the knowledge of that legislation, the president couldn’t possibly know that the current plan to expropriate land from white farm owners applies only to “unused land, derelict buildings, purely speculative land holdings, or circumstances where occupiers have strong historical rights and title holders do not occupy or use their land.” No one is stealing a pasture or a corn field from a white guy, as much as Trump would like you to believe it.

Not knowing that, the exquisitely misinformed president couldn’t possibly know (or want to) that farm-murder statistic has been declining steadily from its peak in 2001-2002 when the total was 140. Separate figures from Agri SA show that murders of farmers are at a 20-year low, with 47 recorded in the year from April 2017 to March 2018. It’s still a problem that cannot be dismissed lightly, but equitable land distribution and ownership are addressing it.

But none of that matters to our criminal president (yes, we can now justifiably call him that) who continues to promote white supremacist conspiracy theories: half-baked ideas with no basis in fact that play into the hands of every race-baiting nut job in the country, and (now it appears) in the world.

But it’s not all bad for the president. He did receive a congratulatory tweet: a heartfelt thank you with an image of a white woman holding a sign reading “Stop white genocide.”

It came from David Duke.

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